Golf Cart Service Contracts

Coverage for Golf Carts

Covered Components

Motor Assembly
Motor and Motor Sensor.

The following internally lubricated parts: valves and their spring retainers, keepers, guides, seats, push rods, lifters and followers, rocker arms/pivots, rocker shafts, rocker bushings, rocker boxes, camshafts and bearings, crankshaft, and main bearings, pistons, pins, connecting rods and bearings, timing gears, oil pump, manifolds, engine mounts. Cylinder head(s), engine block, cylinder barrels, and case halves (only if damaged beyond repair as a result of a failure of one of the above covered parts).

The following internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission case: gears, bearings, internal drive gears, internal selector mechanism and transmission mounts. Transmission case if damaged as a result of the failure of a covered internally lubricated transmission component. (Clutch assembly and cable are not covered.)

Primary Drive
The following internally lubricated parts (except clutch and hub assembly) contained within the primary drive case: all gears, bearings, internal drive gears and chains, internal selector mechanism. Primary drive case if damaged as a result of the failure of a covered primary drive component. (Clutch assembly and cable are not covered.)

Rear Axle Assembly
Axle Shafts, Shaft Sleeve, Differential Case and Gears, Bearings, Output Shaft, and Oil Seals.

Fuel System
Petcock, fuel lines, fuel pump and housing and electronic fuel injection control module.

Alternator, Starter Assembly, Solenoids, Battery Cables, Switches, Horn, DC Converter, On Board Charger, Speedometer Assembly, Turn Signal Stalk, Wiper Motor, Reverse Buzzer, Charger Plug Box, Multi-functional 12 Volt Power Outlet Receptacle, Voltage Regulator, Parking Brake Switch, Battery Power Indicator, Forward Reverse Switch, Brake Switch, Ignition Switch, Fuel Gauge, Fuse Box, and Instrument Panel.

Control System Assembly
Fuse Holder, Controller, Accelerator Assembly, Tow Switch, Solenoid, Circuit Board, Throttle Position Sensor, Throttle Assembly Micro Switch, and Heat Sink.

Upper and Lower A-Arms, Spindle Assembly, Inner Spacer, Connecting Plate, Clevis, Bushings, Equalizer, Rear Trailing Arms and Bushings.

Tie Rods, Steering Gear Box, Steering Shaft, Shaft Bearings, Jacket Tube, Steering Column, Compound Steering Joint, Rack and Pinion.

Brake System
Brake Pedal Assembly, Park Brake Handle Assembly, Master Cylinder Assembly, Calipers, Fluid Reservoir, Brake Lines and Hoses, and Brake Cable.

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