Marine Appearance Protectionon

ServiceGuard Systems Ceramic Paint/Gel Coat Protection the first ever long-term protective coating to combine nano diamonds with ceramic technology. The nano diamonds give unparalleled shine and reflection, creating a diamond brilliance finish to your Watercraft. The ceramic forms a chemical bond to the surface for outstanding protection. The two technologies together result in a stunning appearance with high levels of gloss, slickness, and reflection.

Marine Appearance Protection products increase the value of your vehicle at time of trade-in or sale. Protection products are available to protect from sun, acid rain, spills, and stains. Fully insured programs offer the security the customer requires at the time of a claim. All products are environmentally safe. Protection includes Customer Maintenance kit to enhance the overall appearance of the boat.

Terms & Eligibility

  • Terms up to 5 years, renewable for life
  • New - Current model plus 5 years
  • Pre-Owned (Used) - Older than current plus 5

Appearance Protection

  • Ceramic Paint/Gel Coat Protection
  • Fabric, Carpet and Leather/Vinyl Protection including Rips, Tears, Punctures and Burns

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