ServiceGuard Systems, Inc. - Servicegard Automotive Universal Theft Deterrent

Servicegard offers a state-of-the-art, remote controlled anti-theft system.

The Servicegard universal theft deterrent system prevents unauthorized use of your vehicle by disabling the vehicle starter, fuel, or ignition system. To operate the vehicle, you must first disarm the system simply by pushing the disarm button on the remote transmitter. The system automatically activates to protect your vehicle when the ignition is turned off. It emits soft chirps to indicate it’s armed, disarmed, or in valet mode.

Simple "Plug In" installation. The system offers easy, lightning-fast, and professional installation every time. It installs without cutting or splicing into any wire on the vehicle. Normal installation includes raising the hood, removing a relay and replacing it with the Anti-Theft module. There are no time-consuming under-dash installations, and no warranty claims associated with faulty under-dash workmanship. Almost any dealership employee can do installation. Installers become more productive, and dealerships can now perform their own installations.

Valet Mode. Use the remote transmitter to deactivate the system for the convenience of valet or service personnel.

The system is protected from RF CODE Grabbers. The system incorporates state-of-the-art anti-scan RF and rolling code-hopping technology, so the system’s code cannot be picked up and used to deactivate it. Each time you disarm the system, its security code changes to prevent thieves from duplicating the transmitter signal. Billions of rolling codes are incorporated to ensure that it never disarms from the same rolling code signal again.

Insurance Discounts. The system may qualify for passive anti-theft discounts given by most insurance companies.

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