ServiceGuard Systems, Inc. - Servicegard Prepaid Maintenace Program

The Servicegard Prepaid Maintenance Program offers you a more satisfying vehicle ownership. If your vehicle is well maintained, it is not only more dependable, its value is also greater when you decide to sell or trade.

The Servicegard Prepaid Maintenance Program makes it easier to maintain your vehicle and you can elect to spread the cost over the life of your purchase or lease contract.

Tires & Brake Service

To assist in the smooth and safe operation of your vehicle, your front and rear brake linings will be inspected and your tires will be rotated at regular intervals.


Want to make sure your vehicle’s engine lasts? Frequent oil and filter changes are the key to maintaining the long life of your vehicle. This service is performed at the interval that you select.

Chassis Lubrication

The lubrication of key chassis parts is another important component in assuring the safe operation of your vehicle. This service is performed at the interval you choose.

21-Point Inspection

The following 21-point inspections are performed at the Servicegard Prepaid Maintenance Program interval you select:

  1. Tire Inflation
  2. Exhaust System
  3. Drive Belts
  4. Exterior Lights
  5. Headlamps
  6. Wiper Blades
  7. Emergency Brake
  8. Engine Coolant
  9. Battery
  10. EGR Valve and Hoses
  11. Fuel Hose
  12. Window Washer Fluid
  13. Horn
  14. Brake Hoses
  15. Brake Fluid
  16. Air Filter and Breather Element
  17. Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
  18. Constant Velocity Joint Boots
  19. Differential Fluid
  20. Transmission Fluid
  21. Power Steering Fluid

For more information, please see our brochure.

* Refer to your Servicegard Prepaid Maintenance Program Agreement for specific program details